ORder an Inspection

To order an inspection from me, simply call Mike Monahan Home Inspections, Inc., at 404-313-1960; or, you may text page me,  and I will get your message instantly. If you wish, you can also send an email to me at mmonahan@bellsouth.net.

If I don't answer or respond right away to your text page, it is most likely because I'm with a customer. I PROMISE to get back to you as soon as possible.

Generally, I need at least 24 hours notification, but sometimes I get very busy and it may take two or three days to get you on the schedule; it just depends. I will do whatever I can to accomodate you regarding your contract timeframe and your personal schedule to inspect the property you are about to purchase.

Click the icon  below to download and print a PDF formatted inspection agreement form: 

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